Carlton Primary School aftermath.

A young firefighter is fighting for his life after a fire at Carlton End Primary School, Carlton.

Fire fighter, Michael Jones, 25, was taken to the Royal Children’s Hospital with fifty percent of his body burned after the fire at Carlton End Primary School.

Jones is an expecting father with his child due any time soon.

“Our thoughts are now with the fire officer who risked his life to ensure the safety of students” said Mr Scollo, Principal at the Carlton school.

Station officer, William Short said the brigade were “overcome with smoke” when they arrived which resulted with two more fire officers in hospital.

The fire broke out during lunchtime in the two-story art building. “It was lucky it was lunch time as no children were attending classes at the time.” Said Chief Inspector Bob Bilby.

The brigade arrived five minutes after being notified by Mr Scollo. They began to search the building for students, evacuating 22 who were playing at the entrance.

3 students were initially unaccounted for, however, since the incident one parent reported that their child, a boy, “returned home for lunch without warning” said Mr Scollo.

The other students have still not been found, but the boy who went home said they went to the local pool. Their parents failed to answer their phones when called by Mr Scollo.

Mr Scollo informed the press that all 311 students from preschool through to Grade 6 are safe. However, the same cannot be said about the art building.

It is not clear what caused the fire but an electrical fault is suspected.


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